Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Hoyden and an Heiress--Up for Pre-order!

A Hoyden and a Heiress is up for PREORDER on AMAZON!
Book four in the GreenFord Waters series, it can be easily read as a standalone.

Roberta Lamont had one chance…

London was dull.
All the adventurous romances were snatched up by her sisters.
And she was quiet certain she was going to die alone if this didn’t work out.

But as fate would have it, she was stuck with the most tedious and irritatingly silent spy in all of London.
Mr. Henry Willox may be handsome.
He may have a steely gaze that saw right through her.
But he was utterly determined that she was going to have even less of an adventure at GreenFord Waters, than in London.
Pity that.
She’d just have to change his mind.
And in the process, she might succeed at changing his heart as well.

What Mr. Henry Willox expected was a simpering, biddable debutante.
What he experienced, however, was the whirlwind that was Miss Roberta Lamont.
Hoyden, heiress and general menace to society.
Not to mention, his heart.
It shouldn’t have surprised him when she held him at knife-point.
After all, her two brother-in-laws were notorious spies.
 Yet at every turn she consistently shocked him, accosted him, or drove him mad with that alluring and innocent grin.
But there’s someone leaking information to the French, and he is charged with finding out whom.
And if he thought it was difficult before with only Miss Lamont to contend with, when Lady Southridge shows up, he’s utterly out numbered.
And he finds he rather likes the odds stacked against him.
He’s never backed down from a challenge.
Because what Miss Lamont doesn’t quite understand, is that she’s met her match.

In more ways than one.

Check out "A Hoyden and an Heiress" on AMAZON.

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